Artists & Presenters

This talented group of artists and presenters helped us kick of Cincinnati's first ever podcast festival.

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Mike  politics guys

Michael Baranowski

Politics, New Media , Education, Mass Media

Dr. Michael Baranowski is a Cleveland native, but you may be surprised to learn he’s also a lifelong Pittsburgh Steelers fan. He teaches classes in American Politics, the Politics of Desire and Mass Media and American Politics in Film at Northern Kentucky University. He’s married to department colleague, Dr. Kimberly Weir, and co-hosts the podcast The Politics Guys with Jay Carson, an attorney, and Trey Orndorff, a fellow political science professor.

Miami university   reframe logo

Erin Von Bergen

Communications, Marketing

Erin Von Bergen is Director of Marketing and Communications at Miami University’s College of Education, Health & Society.

Anne bogel

Anne Bogel

Writing, Podcasting

Anne Bogel talks with readers about the books they love; the books they hate and the books they can’t put down. Thanks to her discussions on her podcast What Should I Read Next?, you’ll discover what you’ll want to read next.

Markborisonheadshot lores

Mark Borison

Performance, Producing, Podcasting

Mark Borison is a filmmaker, actor and multimedia specialist working out of Cincinnati. In-between his work with local music, commercials and our city’s most delicious restaurants, Borison is producer and host of the top-rated podcast The Weekly Hookup at Radio Artifact.

Jay politics guys

Jay Carson

Commercial Litigation, Podcasting, Politics

Jay Carson is an attorney specializing in commercial litigation and a former legislative aide in the Ohio House of Representatives. He co-hosts the podcast The Political Guys with Michael Baranowski, a political science professor.

Jay upside podcast

Jay Clouse

Startups, Tech, Podcasting, Innovation

Jay Clouse is founder of Unreal Collective, a creative community for founders and freelancers, former COO of tech startup Tixers, a digital ticket marketplace acquired in 2015; and present-day writer and host of the upside podcast; about tech startups being built outside Silicon Valley and the startup founders behind them. He credits the time leading entrepreneur and investor Dave McClure told him that his pitch “didn’t suck” as one of his business highlights.

Lisa  deroberts

Lisa DeRoberts

Acting, Marketing, Podcasting

In front of the cameras, Lisa DeRoberts is a commercial, film and theatre actress. Away from the bright lights, she’s an experienced content marketer and social media strategist. She’s also Co-host of I JUST WANNA (…so do it already), a podcast where people come together to talk about their dreams and their steps for achieving them.

Whitney dixon

Whitney Dixon

Fine Art, Photography, Design

Whitney Dixon is a photographer specializing in portraits, events and fine art. Her company, Pixxel Designs, consists of a husband and wife partnership. While Dixon provides client work across the United States and throughout the world, she continues to call Cincinnati her beautiful home.

Joshelstro ultrasuede jessefox08

Josh Elstro

Broadcasting, Podcasting

Josh Elstro is Production and Recording Engineer at Cincinnati Public Radio. He’s also founder of Still Trying, a dating culture and advice podcast.


Dylan Garven

Podcast Production

Dylan Garven is the producer of Pantsuit Politics. He handles technical details from recording to editing to getting the episodes into the ears of listeners. Dylan also runs a post-production studio called Studio D, where he helps other podcasters tell their stories. (

Looking up podcast

Anna Hehman

Development, Podcasting

As Director of Development for the Cincinnati Observatory, Anna Hehman works to build a community of advocates and supporters for the historic observatory. She’s also a popular podcaster with Looking Up, the first original podcast from Cincinnati Public Radio.

Pantsuit politics cover

Sarah Stewart Holland

Podcasting, Interactive Storytelling, Media

Sarah Stewart Holland co-hosts the bi-partisan political podcast Pantsuit Politics with Beth Silvers. Their first book, I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening) A Guide to Grace-Filled Political Conversation will be published on February 5, 2019.

Eric hornung upside podcast

Eric Hornung

Startups, Tech, Podcasting

Eric Hornung is Cleveland-born and Columbus-fed, but he ran away to bigger cities (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Chicago and NYC). He’s an avid reader and a living boomerang. Hornung is also co-host of Upside podcast, about tech startups being built outside Silicon Valley and the startup founders behind them.

Accused podcast

Amber Hunt

Media, Podcasting

Amber Hunt is a reporter and host of Accused, Enquirer Media’s Webby-nominated podcast.

Mike kroeger  co host of unruly sports fan

Mike Kroeger

Entrepreneurship, Podcasting, Craft Beer

Mike Kroeger is a Cincinnati-based entrepreneur and owner/operator of BanaSun Smoothie Bar. He’s also Co-host of The UnRuly Sports Fan, a craft beer and sports talk show.

Jay kruz

Jay Kruz

Broadcasting, Podcasting, Media

Jay Kruz is Program Director and Afternoon DJ at Hubbard Interactive.

Brock lusch


Writing, Podcasting

Brock Lusch is Host of The NOMADad (Not On My Ass Dad) podcast; a series that highlights active and involved dads. By placing the spotlight on all varieties of inspiring dads, Lusch continues to build a community around fatherhood, family and side hustles.

Greg leader

Greg Leader

Advertising, Media, Podcasting

Greg Leader is Vice President of Advertising Partnerships for Stitcher/Midroll.

Miami university   reframe logo

James Loy

Editing, Writing, Podcasting

James Loy is Editor, Writer, Host and Producer of Reframe, the podcast from Miami University’s College of Education, Health and Society.

Millennial mastermind logo final

Brad Mulvey

Startups, Tech, Podcasting

Brad Mulvey is a Cleveland-based marketer and host of the Millennial Mastermind podcast.

Alise napp

Alise Napp

Podcast Production

In addition to her work at a higher education consulting firm, Alise Napp provides marketing, project management and production support to The Nuanced Life and Pantsuit Politics podcasts.

Cincy podcast fest logo

Jim Nolan

Broadcasting, Podcasting, Media

Jim Nolan is Interactive Communications Manager at Cincinnati Public Radio and host of Local Exposure.

Patrick e. phillips headshot

Patrick E. Phillips

Theatre, Podcasting

A proud graduate of Xavier University, Patrick E. Phillips continues to build upon his degrees in Theatre and English as an ensemble member of Cincinnati Shakespeare Company and rising stage actor. He’s also Co-host of I JUST WANNA (…so do it already), a podcast where people come together to talk about their dreams and their steps for achieving them.

Looking up podcast

Dean Regas

Observational Astronomy, Mythology, Podcasting

Dean Regas sustains his passion for astronomy as the Outreach Astronomer for the Cincinnati Observatory. He’s also a popular podcaster with Looking Up, the first original podcast from Cincinnati Public Radio.

Mike rosa  co host of unruly sports fan

Mike Rosa

Education, Broadcasting, Podcasting

Mike Rosa is a present-day high school teacher and a former minor league baseball announcer. He combines his broadcasting and education talents as Co-host of The Unruly Sports Fan, a weekly podcast about craft beer and sports.

Accused podcast

Amanda Rossmann

Video Coaching, Podcasting, Media

Amanda Rossmann is a Video Coach at Enquirer Media and a member of the creative team behind the Webby-nominated podcast, the Accused.

Pantsuit p logo

Beth Silvers

Podcasting, Business Coaching, Consulting, Interactive Storytelling

Beth Silvers co-hosts the bi-partisan, political podcast Pantsuit Politics with Sarah Stewart Holland. Their first book, I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening): A Guide to Grace-Filled Political Conversation will be published on February 5, 2019.

A former lawyer and business leader, Silvers continues to scale her creative tool kit as a coach, mentor, podcaster, published author, yoga teacher as well as a mom of two.

Amanda valentine

Amanda Valentine

Broadcasting, Health, Podcasting

Amanda Valentine is a CMA Award-winning radio host on Cincinnati’s B-105. She’s also an acclaimed podcaster inspiring audiences with her personal stories of health and wellness on the podcast Pound This.

Kaliah ware

Kailah Ware

Civic Design, Storytelling, Photography, Filmmaking

Kailah Ware is a designer, photographer, filmmaker and founder of 1DegreeOf Sepration, a mixed-media installation that ignites common people and everyday places throughout Greater Cincinnati via crowd-sourced storytelling.